Natural Beauty Treatments

Natural Beauty Treatments You Should Give Yourself Regularly

Natural Beauty Treatments

Natural Beauty Treatments

We want to share what we have found about home based natural beauty enhancers. Healthy skin care means taking care of your skin by utilizing natural ingredients including herbs, oils, flowers, roots along with other pure ingredients. Many natural splendor care salons and spas focus on beauty care recipes to create remedies that can cure these complaints.

Hare are some natural homemade beauty treatments which you can use on a regular basis to avoid all those last second emergency treatments:

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is yet another butter and a great addition to natural beauty recipes. It is also an ingredient in organic homemade chocolate. It imparts a fragile chocolate scent, it combined with mint or citrus in lotion bars, lotion or face cream. You can use it interchangeably with Shea Butter.

Honey and Yogurt Face Mask

A great multi-purpose face mask is a combination of honey and natural yogurt. The yogurt clears and disinfects the pores, whilst moisturizing the skin and the anti-bacterial properties of the honey can help clear up any acne and blemishes.


Avocado is really a restorative fruit, perfect for protecting and balancing hair and skin. It is often known as the ultimate beauty fruit because it delivers nourishing skin oils and other benefits. The vitamin A in avocado adds sheen to hair, vitamin b complex balances oil production, whether the skin and hair are too oily or dry, and e vitamin protects and repairs sun and pollution damage.

Coffee To create Cellulite Fade Fast

Don’t get rid of those coffee grounds you accustomed to brew your morning cup apply them straight to your thighs. An exfoliating scrub produced from the grounds will make your skin smoother and target cellulite. Just like coffee acts as a mild diuretic whenever we drink it, the caffeine-rich grounds will draw water from your fat cells, shrinking them so they’re less noticeable.

Egg Yolk and Olive Oil Facial Mask

For reinvigorating, anti-aging and nourishing facial treatment, mix a 1 egg yolk with a little olive oil and affect your face; leave on for approximately 5-10 minutes, before washing off. This nose and mouth mask is good for ladies who want to win their fight with wrinkles and also have smooth and hydrated skin.

Eye Makeup Tips

Simple Eye Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Makeup Tips

Get beautiful with easy makeup strategies for brown eyes. Brown eyes could be the most common and dominant the color of eyes, but they are anything but plain and customary. Experiment with eye shadow tips for added luster and shine.

Beginning with the color wheel is the simplest way to choose the best eye shadow for brown eyes. Cause you to eyes stand out by wearing the alternative shades from the color wheel and you will get the most flattering and sophisticated brown eye shadows.

Deep Dark Brown

Most eye shadows colors that are in the medium to dark range is useful for this color. However, there is always an opportunity of eyes looking darker and uneven and somewhat harsh, hence it is best to stick to the medium color range and employ a highlighter matching the lighter flecks of color inside your eyes. The contrast between your darker colors and the highlights can make your eyes sparkle.

Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Makeup Tips

Medium Brown

Mauves, violets and purples look wonderful with this eye color. Conversely of the spectrum, gold, copper and bronze will even look gorgeous. Most shades of green eye shadow will look good( think of brown and green together anyway; they look so fresh). For any subtle look with less color, eye shadow may be used just to line the eyes. For any completely different look, use multiple colors.

Light Brown

Women with light brown eyes look quite striking, particularly if they are done up properly using the correct shades. It is good to understand that this beautiful shade of eyes shouldn’t be overpowered with a lot of colors. Light brown eyes with golden flecks inside them will look gorgeous with a pale yellow highlight.

Get Soft Feet

Tips To Give You Soft Feet At Home

Get Soft Feet

Get Soft Feet

Cracked heels can be very painful. Walking, lacking the right shoe or exposing the feet to a rough floor or ground makes it worse. With many women, it takes place as they grow older. But before knowing the special tips you need to be conscious of the main reasons behind cracked heels. Here’s articles for all you beauties for having the very best heels this season.


With regards to how to heal cracked heels, this tip just can’t be missed. It woks greatly and provide a smooth feet. It eliminates your rough skin and prevents from further cracking. Wash the feet and just apply fresh lemon juice in your dry cracked feet. Rub it and then leave it for a while before rinsing.

Rice Flour

Exfoliating is a superb technique to remove your the dead skin cells. It effectively helps to a dry cracked feet. Moreover, it prevents from cracking further. To create an exfoliating scrub, simply take little rice flour and mix it with little honey & apple cider vinegar treatment. Make it into a thick paste. If cracks are worse, add little almond oil or essential olive oil. Soak the feet inside a tub containing tepid to warm water. Then scrub it using the paste you have made.

Home Pedicure

A house pedicure is not like a full-fledged pedicure treatment you receive at a salon. Whenever you originate from work, your feet are always wrapped with dirt or sweaty. It’s not believable however your feet do need to be taken proper care of. Dip your feet in a bucket of tepid to warm water with salt, shampoo and use a foot cream after wiping them dry.

Get Soft Feet

Get Soft Feet

Apply Olive Oil

If you are not the kind who applies creams and wish to use natural products, essential olive oil is one of the best cures available. You are able to apply at night before sleeping and set on socks so that the skin absorbs the oil and also you wake up next morning with soft feet.

Rose Water and Glycerin

Mix rose water and glycerin inside a bowl. The subtle cooling effect of the two elements will work wonders for the feet. Apply it every day for 15-20 minutes and wash them served by normal, water. Within a month, the feet will look soft and tender.


Glowing Skin Naturally

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Glowing Skin Naturally

Glowing Skin Naturally

Women always wants look beautiful. Even man too. We all want white, soft and shining skin. We are able to make our skin soft, white and shining through different natural herbs and natural ways. These treatments are easy to make and will leave the skin looking and feeling wonderful! Try these easy home made remedies.

Vinegar & Rosewater

Mix one teaspoon vinegar with one teaspoon rosewater. Apply on skin and then leave for 10 minutes. Then wash it with standard water. This is very good remedy for  glowing skin.

Coconut Water & Pineapple Juice

Mix coconut water and thick pineapple juice. Add multani mitti and put it on over your face softly after which wash it with cold water, soon you will notice a very good change in you.

Egg White & Honey

Mix the egg white with honey after which apply it on the face for about 20 minutes and wash it with cold water.

Banana Paste

Not many ladies know that banana can also be very good for skin. Just mash a banana and use the paste on the face and leave it on for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, Wash it with cold water and find out the result within very small amount of time.

Glowing Skin Naturally

Glowing Skin Naturally

Turmeric & Orange Juice

Create a paste of 2 tablespoonful of turmeric (haldi) powder in certain orange juice. Scrub it evidently and let it be around the neck for about 20 minutes and wash it with cold water.

Corn Flour & Egg

Mix corn flour using the white of the egg and put it on on the face. After getting it dried, then place your fingers in the warm water and massage evidently softly.

Prevent Hair Loss

Healthy Foods That Prevent Hair Loss Easily

Prevent Hair Loss

Prevent Hair Loss

Healthy diet is when it comes to preventing hair loss can be a little more complex. The best way to conserve a healthy vitamin and mineral intake is a great diet. It is not necessary or better to go out and buy a bunch of over-the-counter vitamin supplements to have your suggested nutritional levels. To be able to control this situation, it is best to feed your locks a healthy diet plan, high on the nutrition scale. Here’s what hair needs to remain healthy.


It’s not only the eyes, Vitamin A-rich carrots provide excellent nourishment for that scalp. A healthy scalp ensures shiny, well-conditioned hair that’s strengthened and moisturised. An overall balance diet of lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fatty fish such as the salmon and low-fat dairy are wonderful boosters for healthy hair.


In case your hair suffers from dryness, thinning, stiffness, discolouration or hair loss, depleting reserves of iron may be the culprit. Prunes are known to be great causes of iron and greatly help to improve the quality of hair. Also enable you to get plenty of green vegetables and beetroots in what you eat in addition to prunes.

Fish, Eggs and Beans

Hair is primarily made of protein and, therefore, it seems sensible to eat a protein-rich diet if you’re attempting to maintain your healthy hair. However, eating a steak every single day isn’t going to help you. Soy milk and tofu will also be smart to add to your diet since they’re high in protein and low in bad fats.

Prevent Hair Loss

Prevent Hair Loss


Iron plays a vital role in manufacturing hemoglobin, the part of the blood that carries oxygen for your body’s organs and tissues. Eggs; dates; raisins; green, leafy vegetables such as kale; and whole-grain cereals are high in iron. Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron, so fruits for example oranges, strawberries and lemons ought to be on your grocery list of foods that prevent hair thinning.

Green Peas

Although green peas aren’t rich in antioxidants or any sort of vitamin or mineral, they have a well-balanced amount of vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc and B group vitamins. They are essential for maintaining healthy hair.

Skin Whitening Face Masks

Homemade Natural Skin Whitening Face Masks

Skin Whitening Face Masks

Skin Whitening Face Masks

You can make use of natural ingredients that you could find inside your kitchen fridge for example yogurt, honey, cucumbers, lemon and avocado. Natural facial masks, whitening solutions and mixtures of those natural ingredients can help you with your objective of looking fair-skinned. The effects on the skin has the capacity to brighten the face skin. And when you do it regularly, it will also help make your face and skin become healthier.

  • Make a paste with coconut oil, tomato juice and turmeric powder in equal quantity. Daily apply this paste in your face, neck and arms. Massage together with your fingers for a few minutes then leaves it to dry. After 45 minutes wash it with ice cold water. Apply it daily before you go to bed. Within few minutes the skin will become clean, clear and fair.
  • Soak orange peel in the hot or boiled milk for just two hours. After 2 hours from orange peel becomes spongy crumple it into milk making a paste . Apply this paste on the face and neck area and rub along with your fingertips for 5-6 minutes, then allow dry for 15 minutes. Wash with plain water . Within Three days to see the wonderful difference.
  • Mix Lemon juice and olive oil in equal quantity then mix ½ teaspoon saffron inside it. Keep it in a glass bottle with lid. Before application mix gram flour with rose water and put it on on your face and neck, leave it to dry for 15 minutes then wash with normal water. After that apply a few drops of the mixture on your face and neck daily. Among the best natural skin whitening mask and fairness lotion.
  • Skin Whitening Face Masks

    Skin Whitening Face Masks

    Make a fine paste with yogurt 1 teaspoon, coconut oil 1 teaspoon, dry milk powder 1 teaspoon and 1 pinch of turmeric powder. Massage by using it for a few minutes then leaves it to dry after Half an hour wash your face and neck with cold water. Within couple of days see the difference.

  • Make a paste with Two tablespoons of almond powder , ½ teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply this paste in your face and massage in circular motions together with your fingertips . Leave on for 15-20 minutes, if this becomes dry wash the face with warm water. Weekly this mask whitening skin could keep your skin fair and glowing.

How To Glowing Skin Naturally At Home

Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

There are many different ways to make your skin lighter, and there are natural methods that have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years, and modern chemical methods.You might use a home made remedy such as lemon juice or lime juice, mixed with turmeric, or just by itself, as vitamin C has been shown to have a very mild bleaching effect, which can lighten up dark patches of skin.

Aloe Vera

The peripatetic use of Aloe Vera for different ailments might lead some to question the veracity of their healing qualities. However the reality is the inclusion of Aloe Vera in the bath routines of the patients might help them to have fair skin. The best thing is that the skin will be looking healthy as well. The pallor that’s associated with too many synthetic products is avoided.


This perhaps sounds like an old wives’ tale but in reality Turmeric has been credited with improving skin complexion. It will not turn you red over time but it will help you to achieve a cleaner and much more presentable skin. The application is normally through a paste that is rubbed around the skin. Adding it to your normal diet may also help you to build up the kind of melanin content which will keep your skin looking great.


Potatoes contain vitamin C, B complex and minerals needed by the skin to make it look brighter. How to use it is to choose fresh potatoes, peel the skin and then washed thoroughly. Cut into pieces, then mashed. Potatoes that are finely mixed with a teaspoon of honey, then use as a mask. Let stand for 15-20 minutes then rinse with water until clean. Perform regular basis, 2-3 times a week, and your face will look radiant, brighter and healthier.

Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin


The content of vitamin A, C, and beta-carotene in papaya height can be used as a facial mask to get a whiter, brighter and healthier. How to use a spoon grab some ripe papaya fruit, then spread to the face as a mask, leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Treatment with papaya mask is able to regenerate dead skin cells become whiter, healthier, radiant.

Maintaining A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet that can boost the skin texture will lead to a blemish-free and brighter skin naturally. Maintaining healthy diet is the most important thing that you should do when trying to whiten skin. This is because a good, balanced diet offers your skin a healthy glow. For good, you should remove processed products from your daily meals because the altered ingredients they contain can lead to redness and blemishes.