Simple Eye Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Makeup Tips

Get beautiful with easy makeup strategies for brown eyes. Brown eyes could be the most common and dominant the color of eyes, but they are anything but plain and customary. Experiment with eye shadow tips for added luster and shine.

Beginning with the color wheel is the simplest way to choose the best eye shadow for brown eyes. Cause you to eyes stand out by wearing the alternative shades from the color wheel and you will get the most flattering and sophisticated brown eye shadows.

Deep Dark Brown

Most eye shadows colors that are in the medium to dark range is useful for this color. However, there is always an opportunity of eyes looking darker and uneven and somewhat harsh, hence it is best to stick to the medium color range and employ a highlighter matching the lighter flecks of color inside your eyes. The contrast between your darker colors and the highlights can make your eyes sparkle.

Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Makeup Tips

Medium Brown

Mauves, violets and purples look wonderful with this eye color. Conversely of the spectrum, gold, copper and bronze will even look gorgeous. Most shades of green eye shadow will look good( think of brown and green together anyway; they look so fresh). For any subtle look with less color, eye shadow may be used just to line the eyes. For any completely different look, use multiple colors.

Light Brown

Women with light brown eyes look quite striking, particularly if they are done up properly using the correct shades. It is good to understand that this beautiful shade of eyes shouldn’t be overpowered with a lot of colors. Light brown eyes with golden flecks inside them will look gorgeous with a pale yellow highlight.


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