Beauty Benefits of Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Orange juice is made from unfermented fresh oranges and offers many benefits for the Beauty. Fresh orange juice may be the richest source of vitamin C and fulfills a whole day’s worth of vitamin C. Apart from the fruit itself, orange juice as well as orange peels can provide a variety of benefits to your skin. Thus, consumption in addition to topical application of this fruit could be beneficial for your skin in the following ways.

Glow Shinny Skin

Orange juice works effectively for shrinking the open pores. Just apply the juice of the orange on your face; allow it to stay for 2-3 minutes and wash off immediately. This can help in closing the enlarged pores and providing a shining glow for your face.

Treatment of Dark Spots

Orange peels possess a higher content of vitamin C than the fruit itself. Thus, rather than throwing away the peels, you are able to dry them in the sun and grind these to prepare orange peel powder. This can be as a body scrub. You are able to mix the above scrub with milk and milk cream and put it on on your face. This will offer an instant glow to your face in addition to reduce dark spots and blemishes on the skin.

Reduce Acne

Orange is full of citric acid, which is very helpful in drying away acne. Oranges contain fruit acids that gently exfoliate the skin to reveal a brighter your skin every day. Just mash the grated orange peels to use on your acne and its scar.

Skin Whitening Qualities

Orange peels really are a natural bleaching agent that may lighten dark blotches onto the skin and effectively remove them as time passes. Moreover, they help in reducing suntans by deflecting harmful Ultra violet rays from attacking skin cells. Ensure to dilute the orange peel paste while allowing the face mask because they contain a large amount of citric acid which might burn the skin.

For Oily Skin

Take out the juice of two oranges and put it in ice tray. Then rub the frozen orange cubes in your face to spruce up and brighten your dull and lacklustre face. This refines your pores and cuts down on the oiliness of face to control acne. It’s one of the most important benefits of applying oranges on the face.


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