Foods That Keep Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful

Great Skin Foods

Great Skin Foods

It is proven that the food we consume has an influence on our health and a true reflection of our health is the condition of our skin. Ever noticed how some people have dull, sallow skin while others have bright, healthy looking glow? The secret is in the food that they eat and their daily habits. We’ve selected beauty friendly foods to work into your daily menu that can lead to better skin and a more nutritious diet too.


Vitamin E in almonds prevents the skin from UN rays of the sun and help it to build collagen and fiber. It also contains omega 6 & omega 9 fatty acid which help maintain skin elasticity and suppleness.


The vitamin C and E content of this fruit make it very effective for the skin because it helps the skin in fighting the effects of aging and at the same time the fat content of avocados is monounsaturated which means that the fruit contains Omega-3 fatty acids that help in improving the quality of the skin.

Dark Chocolate

The dark chocolates contain high antioxidant content that helps in improving the blood flow in the body and to the skin. Dark chocolate also helps in getting rid of the rough feel of the skin and at the same time it also protects the skin from the damage caused due to sun exposure.


Spinach is not only great for your skin, but also for your entire body. This leafy green is filled with iron as well as lots of vitamins and minerals. You can take a look at The Benefits of Avocado in this project for more information on this powerful fruit and the many benefits it has on your skin and health.


It’s the existence of isoflaves – potent antioxidants that make beans a fabulous face-friendly food. Antioxidants are great because they reduce the free radicals in your body and make you look and feel great. And black beans, chickpeas, lentils and soybeans are good choices of beans/legumes to incorporate into your diet.


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