Beautify with Beer

The wintertime months cause dryness and brittle hair, however the time has come to remove the hats and connect the damage. April is a great time for you to schedule a pre-summer trim and start a brand new care and style routine. The warmer weather forces us to appear more into styling products than conditioning treatments. Before you decide to hit the drugstore to purchase every frizz fighting mousse and serum, reach to your fridge and grab a beer. Yes. A beer rinse monthly leading to the summer will revive your curls and provide you with more shine naturally than silicone based serums.Beautify with Beer

You may need a beer that is traditionally brewed with hops, not really a light beer. You will not be drinking it so you don’t need to get your favorite brand. Open it up, pour into a plastic pitcher and allow it to sit until it’s room temperature and flat.

Why Beer?

Beer Spas are pretty popular in Europe, however for us North Americans, they are practically uncommon. What these spas boast is beer-inspired baths, facials, body wraps and massages.

The idea of a beer spa isn’t just pouring bottles of brew inside a tub and settling in. No, no, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Active beer yeast, hops along with a combination of dehydrated herbs are put into a blend of beer and standard water and set at 93 degrees. Each spa will have their very own signature additive, but this may be the basic formula.

To really obtain the beer bath benefits, you absorb it for 20-30 minutes then cocoon the body in warm sheets. This provides your body time to soak everything in and detoxify. And let’s be truthful, cocooning yourself in warm sheets just sounds comfy as hell.


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